Vacant positions

«. . . While drawing up the working contract the citizen must submit passport or another document certifying the person, a work book, and in cases foreseen by the legislation - also a document about the education (speciality, qualification), about the state of health and other documents».*
* - Article 24 of Ukraine Labour Code

According to the legislation of Ukraine and the requirements of "PLASKE" JSC administration, the citizen must submit to "PLASKE" JSC the following documents:

  • A personal filled in form of the personnel records of the worker.
  • CV.
  • 4 photos.
  • Pasport of Ukrainian citizen has to include registration note and pasted in photos pursuant to age (25 and 45 years).
  • A reference about granting of ID-number.
  • Military ID (registration certificate).
  • Birth certificate.
  • The children's birth certificate (where possible).
  • Diplomas, certificates, education certificates.
  • Driving license (where possible).
  • Work book.
  • Foreign passport (where possible).
  • Marriage certificate (where possible).
  • Certificate about obligatory state social insurance (where possible).
  • Certificate about the state of health.
  • Reference about the absence of criminal records.
  • The letters of recommendation (where possible).


  • There must be a mark about the registration in the passport of the citizen of Ukraine.
  • The citizens who are accepted for a job must know Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.
  • A personal form of the personnel records of the worker, CV must be executed in Ukrainian.
  • The copies of the documents must be submitted as Xeroxes which must be certified by a signature of the owner of the document with the indication of the attestation date.
  • If submitting an attested copy of the document, the citizen has to provide the original document for checking.